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VEEM has been pushing the boundaries of propeller manufacturing innovation for decades, achieving the highest speeds, best fuel economy, and lowest noise and vibration then anything else on the market.

Its passion for performance and innovation is achievable through the manufacturing and engineering excellence, the evidence of which is in leading results and outstanding performance for vessels all over the world.

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VEEM Marine Propellers are designed with precision and manufactured to perfection, leading to ultimate performance. They are the only propellers in the world that are truly custom designed, using advanced CFD and FDA analysis software in the design process, and precise pattern-less moulding and 5-axis CNC machining in production.

VEEM’s patented Interceptor™ technology allows propellers to be effectively re-pitched without lifting the vessel. A diver can replace the slide-in interceptor strips in minutes, to adjust for variations in vessel displacement, water temperature, hull fouling condition, or even the required operational profile.

The same set of propellers can be optimized for long range cruising or for flat-out speed, according to the owners requirement. VEEM Interceptor™ technology has revolutionized the propeller industry by enabling the relative pitch of each propeller blade to be altered in situ to enhance performance.

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