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Garage handling systems and gangways

Calistri designes and manufactures in house complete garage handling solutions for custom mega yachts and series yachts to satisfy every need of a wide variety of customers worldwide.
Made to measure with particular care in details, every system is fully integrated with the ship systems and structures to become a fully functional appendix.

The technical department works side by side with the Shipyards to offer the highest performances in reduced spaces and volumes to minimize footprint and maintenance and to achieve ease of use for the crew notwithstanding the priority of a harmonious esthetical appearance.

Through the use of FEA/FEM analysis and certified materials, welding procedures and assembly best practices, Calistri is able to certify and test every system with a very high safety coefficient to guarantee a long service life and the reliability ion the harshest conditions. It’s can build almost everything that’s thinkable making life easier during all the process down to the final end user from naval architects, project managers to the crew.

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Garage handling systems

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