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Doors & Hatches

Watertight fire doors

Suitable for engine rooms, garage door, steering compartments and internal lower deck compartment or everywhere else the maximum protection has to be guaranteed.


Watertight doors

Suitable for main deck and lower deck compartments, engine rooms, garage door, steering compartments our watertight doors include a large array of designs and different model both type approved or single tested to suit the need of the customer.


Weathertight hatches

Completely machined from solid aluminum 5083 with outstanding designs to suit the most exigent architectural requirements these 5 series of lightweight hatches are an example of the potentialities of our design department and production capabilities.

Watertight Fire Doors And Hatches

Watertight fire doors and hatches

Watertight Doors And Hatches

Watertight doors and hatches

Watertight Hatches

Watertight hatches

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